Hello people! I haven’t gotten any emails yet, so i’ll just make a few posts about songs with deeper meaning, or that describe your situation and help you cope=) So feel free to post a link or the lyrics in a comment. Here is the first song(EXPLICIT) it is called diluted by slipknot, feel free to type it into youtube if you’d like, here is the opening verse 
“I’m cold, I’m ugly 
I’m always confused by everything 
I can stare into a thousand eyes 
But every smile hides a bold-faced lie” 

I feel like lots of people who are suffering from depression, feel that they’re cold( as in feeling alone) or ugly or inadequate( which isn’t true; everyone is important in their own way) but what people suffering through depression need to realize is that people do care about them and they are not alone. And I’m pretty sue that we all know what it feels like to have to smile when we feel like crawling in bed and crying into our pillow for ever. But, if you can find one person, just one person, who cares for you and listens and does not judge you, crying into some ones arms helps alot more then a pillow does.

“Thoughts of me exemplified 
All the little flaws I have denied 
Forget today, forget whatever happened 
Everyday I see a little more of overall deficiencies 
I’m nothing short of being one complete catastrophe ”  

Another thing, if some one points out oh, you have bed head, didn’t get a chance to do your hair that morning, can cause us to just spiral deeper and deeper, until were over-examining everything we do. We feel as if were going to implode in on ourselves. 

I have to go for a little while, but i’ll be back tonight. Add me on skype: alex.helm5 or message me on kik,: abh1995 for immediate support. or email me at: ahelm65@gmail.com  

I’ll be back tonight, my friends,





Hello! I am alex, im 17 year old male who has been suffering from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder since i was 9 or 10. My goal for this page is to be a support group/blog for anyone who needs it<3. Please email any questions you need advice or help with to: ahelm65@gmail.com
Just remember we need to help each other. This sounds generic but everyone is truly special!